julie Morel


Member Since January 1, 1996

Julie MOREL(julie@incident.net) is a new media artist. Born in 1973. After studying video in Lyon (France), Time Based Media in Birmingham (UK) and in the National Fine Art school in Paris with C. Boltanski & T.Brown. She then took part in the "interactive research Dpt" in the "Arts Decoratifs" in Paris. She wrote a thesis on interactive language. She has exhibited her video and internet works in many festivals, mainly in France, the USA and in the UK.
She has taken part into superficiel.org, panoplie.org and is a member of incident.net since 1998.
She is a assistant professor at the National Superior Fine Art School in Paris, and a full time teacher in Lorient (Britany, France).
she also works as a multimedia conceptor.