Joseph Moore

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Joseph Moore is an artist and Assistant Professor of Art at the City College of New York. His work investigates topics such as perception, interpretation, and similarity. He has exhibited as a solo artist and in collaboration with the collectives and Future Archaeology in venues such as The New Museum, SFMOMA, STUK Kunstencentrum in Leuven, Eastern Bloc in Quebec, arebyte in London, and other venues. He is a graduate of The Atlanta College of Art and Bennington College. Some of his work can be found at
I think it's worth considering the history of other substitutes for government provided currency when discussing the use of Bitcoin, etc, as an option. Specifically I'm thinking of the use ...
Aug. 30 2009 22:12 on Sesame Street Highlights

Another great one: with Philip Glass.
March 26 2009 01:08 on Media Studies

Alan M. MacEachren's How Maps Work: Representation, Visualization, and Design

Not sure if these are experimental but they often made me think of space in way I hadn't previous to ...