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Art on the Beautiful Island

Good feature on Taiwan. While I was there for a quick trip over the winter break I saw a survey show of "new media art" as we know it, with tons of big names like Nam June Paik and Bill Viola and also Chinese/international artists.

It was a lot of work (maybe more than 30) crammed into the Kuandu Museum and the venue was hard to find as it was buried in a city university, but there were many interactive/robotic pieces. From Chinese artists there was a lot of video installation of performance with technology and also interactive work. Some weren't working and docents would rush over to tell you how to "use" it. Seems like they aren't accustomed to new media installation yet but they have something going on there...


She Was A Camera

a beautiful history washed over by youtube


Artist Profile: Mendi + Keith Obadike

Great post that addresses race in a  vernacular way!



It’s Only Humanist

replace img of cat-like thing and/or castle with 3d render of r2d2