Jan Robert Leegte

Amsterdam —


Member Since January 1, 1996

Website: www.leegte.org/

Jan Robert Leegte (born 1973, The Netherlands) started working as an artist on the Internet in 1997. In 2002, he shifted his main focus to implementing digital materials in the context of the physical gallery space, aiming to bridge the online art world with the gallery art world, making prints, sculpture, installations and projections, connecting to historical movements like land art, minimalism and conceptualism. As an artist Leegte explores the position of the new materials put forward by the (networked) computer. Photoshop selection marquees, scrollbars, Google Maps, code and software are dissected for their sculptural properties. His work has been exhibited internationally (Lux, Whitechapel Gallery, Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam). He is currently represented by Upstream Gallery Amsterdam. Jan Robert Leegte lives and works in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.