Jan Robert Leegte


Member Since January 1, 1996

Website: www.leegte.org/

Recently added to the plethora of artists’ marterials is the hypermaterial. Using this internet born entity, undefined and in flux, Jan Robert Leegte deconstructs the physical experience, aiming to understand the role of materiality in the future. Ploughing through this field of interest, he has incidentally uprooted subjects as ornamentation, the sublime, software interfaces, trompe l’oeil, net culture, romanticism and computer code.

Fascinated by the world behind the computer screen, Leegte explored the sculptural possibilities of the Internet as from 1997. In 2002 he shifted back to the gallery space, taking along his newly discovered favorite materials with him.Also he explored more "embedded" possibilities out of the gallery space in the endlessly deep contexts of the outside world; from urban postering in Alexandria to ornamenting ceilings in Brussels. Currently he has refocussed on the net as medium. His work has been exhibited at a widespread selection of international shows and festivals.

Jan Robert Leegte (1973) studied Fine Arts at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam after having studied Architecture at the University of Delft. He teaches at the Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam. He lives and works in Amsterdam. Website: www.leegte.org