Emily Lutzker
Since 2003
Works in New York, Nebraska United States of America

Founder and CEO of OpenInvo.com. Former artist and stand-up (h)ac(k)ademic turned entrepreneur, daughter of the original ideas lady. It is genetic.
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Hi John,
If you have more projects than you can handle, or if you have something that would be valuable for the commercial world and maybe even want to sell your idea, you can become an Idea Provider at:
It's a site, created by a former artist (me) that is an agency for ideas. I act as a bridge between people with great ideas and companies who seek them, and focus on protecting your intellectual property along the way.


Director of OpenInvo Studio

Tue Nov 09, 2010 16:19

The Director of OpenInvo Studio is responsible for the development and coordination of the OpenInvo Studio program. The program is a series of 1/2 day, 1 day and 2 day workshops taught by arts and design professionals taking place on-site in corporations. The focus of the OpenInvo Studio is to bridge the skills of people in the arts and creative industries and the skills needed in the corporate world that can benefit from innovative creative thinking.

Duties include, relations with approximately 10 instructors, coordinating the curriculum, logistics of the events and targeting HR departments of corporations to purchase the workshops. Understanding of the value of creative skills and how they translate to business as well as sales experience and event planning is desired. A highly detailed/ organized person with a commitment to follow-through on all sales leads a necessity. Ability to develop a marketing plan and good writing skills is a plus.

This is a part- time position that is commission based for the first group of workshops until the success of the program is determined.

email info@openinvo.com


WANTED: creative minds with great ideas

Fri Oct 29, 2010 13:29

Introducing OpenInvo, a marketplace for ideas. Artists and other creative types can upload their ideas for new products and services via our recently launched online platform. OpenInvo acts as an agency to find potential buyers for these ideas, and makes sure that the creators’ intellectual property rights are protected throughout the process. We aim to unite creative people with companies/businesses that can pay them for their brilliance, creating alternative revenue streams for artists while bringing real innovation to those who can put it to good use.

Our staff all has roots in the arts, and we are extremely dedicated in our support of out-of-the-box thinking and the fruits that it can bear. We believe that the stuff that people dare to dream can and should be valued not just in theory, but monetarily speaking, and we are committed to making that a reality.

Become an OpenInvo Idea Provider and profit from your brilliance! Visit http://www.openinvo.com to get started.