Marika Dermineur


Member Since January 1, 1996

Marika Dermineur is involved in installations and netart works. Active on the experimental web platform, involved in RYbN artistic collective, founder and responsable of The Upgrade! Paris. Curator of Economie 0 (2008, Théâtre de Verre, Paris) and Politique 0 (2010, Espace Niemeyer, Paris), co-curator of V.O.S.T. events in Paris and Brussels. Works 02-09: Antidatamining by RYbN, Subbotniki with Benoit Durandin, What Are You with S. Degoutin and G. Wagon, Keyboard (, with Stephane Degoutin. Graduated at la Sorbonne, Arts Décoratifs and Arts et Métiers (Paris).