Bruno Martelli
Since 2003
Works in London United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Artist Bruno Martelli collaborates with dance and visual artist Ruth Gibson. Gibson / Martelli create installations and performance spaces using computer games, virtual reality, print & video. The duo are based in the London and see their practice as an investigation into figure and landscape, simulacra and the sublime.
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Summerbranch at the Venice Biennale

Igloo have been invited to show their virtual environment 'Summerbranch' at the 52nd Venice Biennale.

Summerbranch uses the tools of the military- entertainment complex, computer gaming, motion capture and 3D environments to question what is truth and what is artifice in our attempts to reproduce nature. Not only is the role of the real in virtual environments investigated, but also that of the reproduction of nature in the history of art, and particularly landscape work.

Igloo make intermedia artworks, exploring the poetics of time, space & natural phenomena, questioning the reality of nature & how it can be influenced by individual experience & collective mythology. Igloo are Ruth Gibson & Bruno Martelli who have earned a string of accolades including a NESTA award, a Royal Opera House Commission & a BAFTA nomination.

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52nd International Art Exhibition
la Biennale di Venezia
New Forest Pavilion
10 June - 1 July 2007
Vernissage: 7, 8, 9 June
Palazzo Zenobio, Fondamenta del Soccorso
Dorsoduro 2596, Venice, Italy

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Thu Mar 16, 2006 00:00 - Thu Mar 16, 2006

4 March - 30 April 2006

Summerbranch is a new commission by Igloo that explores movement and stillness in nature. Using camouflage and other disguises, a person or a computer character can blend into a



Thu Mar 16, 2006 00:00 - Thu Mar 16, 2006

BackStrikes empire
10 March -30 April Watermans Gallery

BackStrikesEmpire, filmed on location in Western Australia and New South Wales, is the follow up Warstars part one of Igloo's trilogy, shot in Iceland, and premiered at the International Festival of Film & New Media in Athens and touring throughout the UK and Europe. The trilogy explores the elemental forces of climate and its effect on geological formations, to reflect the interaction between people and landscape and illustrate the interpretation the human imagination places on the environment. The images and choreographed narratives interweave to challenge notions of the reality of nature and how it can be influenced by individual experience and collective mythology.

The as yet untitled final part of the trilogy will be shot sometime in 2007 and will bring together the strands and ideas presented in parts one and two to form a completed narrative. This is a companion piece to Warstars and premiere's at Watermans Gallery London as a part of Node.L, a month long season of media arts projects across London in March 2006.

Watermans Gallery 40 High street Brentford TW8 ODS Tel: 0208 232 1010

Igloo Collaborators: Tim Copsey, Adam Nash, Vexed Generation


Re: Arts Council UK and the Freedom of Information Act

The ACE also do a thing where applications that fail to be funded are kept on file for 3 years and people can get access to them. I wonder who looks at them and why - there seems to be a lack of understanding of intellectual property on ACE's part. I had an issue with them about this about 2 years ago but got nowhere.



Mon Dec 20, 2004 00:00 - Sun Dec 12, 2004

IGLOO: dotdotdot - http gallery

dotdotdot will be shown as a part of Data Agency going live on 20th December

Data Agency is produced in association with Furtherfield and will be shown at their http gallery
Unit A2, Arena Design Centre, 71 Ashfield Road, London N4

Open Jan 15th - 16th, 21st - 23rd, 28th - 30th 12pm - 5pm

Opening Jan 15th, 7pm - 9pm

dotdotdot is the net’s first interactive radio streaming, motion capture project and is an on-line choreographic work where the viewers select the soundtrack whilst driving the performance animations.
Supported by SCAN, Future Physical & essexdance.