Brigitta Zics


Member Since January 22, 2005

Brigitta Zics is an award winning artist, media philosopher and interaction designer with particular interest in emerging technologies and their impact on creative practices. She is Senior Lecturer in Design and programme leader in the MA Design by Practice course at the School of Art, Media and Design, University of Wales Newport. She is panel member for the Leonardo Reviews and working on post-doctoral methodologies, supervising research students and developing a major creative project entitled the Mind Cupola for international exhibitions. Brigitta is also Visiting Fellow at the Transtechnology Research, University of Plymouth and regularly presents her research and artistic work on international conferences and festivals.

She is focusing on emerging technologies of interaction and their aesthetics capacities through the human cognition. In her recently finished interdisciplinary thesis Transparency, Cognition and Interactivity: Toward a New Aesthetic for Media Art (2008) she introduced a new philosophical model of the Transparent Act which proposes a radical re-evaluation of how interaction can be understand in disciplines of art and design. Her latest art work the Mind Cupola applies a modality of passive interaction which is an affective environment in which the user's experience initiates a cognitive feedback loop with a potential for spiritual-like states in their consciousness. Besides this major focus her innovative interest is to look at the potentialities of cognitive-based interface design for enterprise and business applications. One of recent examination is how the Mind Cupola might be implemented by ageing people as a tool for improvement of well being.