Bernardo Bruno

Member Since July 18, 2004

I was born in Venosa and growing up area of the small rural town of Palazzo San Gervasio (PZ) next to Matera. I did short voyages , starting from radio centric space base of my town mainly to the countryside of the district , in a kilometer radius that did not exceed 30 -40 km. mainly in the direction of Monteserico or village Taccone ( Irsina ) .The desire to help add "stories" at the micro- history of the area led me to devote the final part of my studies in dusty papers and archival surveys in the territory of Lavello(PZ) took place between 1996/97 with a thesis entitled " Lavello and its territory : a study of urban and regional history. My nickname is bernynavigator, graduated in architecture in Naples (Italy) in 1997.