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Breaking the Ice

I'd like to see more posting in general. Rhizome is a great resource, but not every post is going to appeal to me. I like new media art news and I don't see very much of it on the site. It's exactly the kind of thing that'd have me returning to the site frequently.


Tool Time: Cory Arcangel at The Whitney

I think it's unlikely those labels exist to appease curators. At least two new media museum curators I know based in New York thought the show was really bad and they weren't into the labels. To me, they read like gallery sales text and seeing as how those explinations didn't start appearing until after Arcangel joined Team Gallery in 2005, my bet is that that's what they are.


The New

I think it's important to say something publically. It's a persistent issue and of all the broken links that need to be fixed, I'd say the exhibition links should take top priority. These exhibitions tell people about the history of Rhizome and what they deem important in the field of net art. 
In other news, I very much like the new comment fields!


Means of Production: Fabbing and Digital Art

I actually hadn't meant to issue a whole scale dismissal of artist's use of the technology, though I can see how my prediction might have read as such. I've seen a lot of great art work made with 3-D printing machines, it just seems like there's a school of market artists out there interested in novelty over anything else.


epic net art

I'm not sure why nobody responded to this -- perhaps because it answers so many questions so clearly, but I think Caitlin's comment is extremely insightful.