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arebyte, a cross desciplinary gallery space in East London working mainly in Performance and New-Media arts. We work with local and international artists on-site and on-line, promoting new and innovative means of engaging the public and facilitating participation.

arebyte (formerly known as ARtCH), is a non-for-profit organization, founded in November 2010. arebyte is dedicated to making art more accessible, communicative and tangible to new audiences through the production of high quality cultural events and activities.
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The Microbial Verdict : You Live Until You Die / Zoë Hough

Thu May 07, 2015 18:00 - Sat Jun 06, 2015

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

arebyte gallery are happy to present a solo exhibition by Zoë Hough. The Microbial Verdict: You Live Until You Die explores issues surrounding ageing in modern society and the desire for control over our bodies and our minds.

When are you dead? Scientific and medical advances are prolonging the lifespan of the human body, but our brains are not keeping up the pace, with diseases like Alzheimer’s becoming ever more widespread.

The Microbial Verdict: You Live Until You Die presents a speculative scenario where synthetic biology allows all citizens to live until they die; that is, they live only for as long as they remain ‘themselves’. Under this UK-wide policy, citizens over the age of 65 ingest a synthetically engineered protein, which has been programmed to track their brain activity and release a toxin to end their life if it detects that the citizens are no longer ‘themselves’. This speculative scenario is scientifically feasible, and based on research by Harvard scientists who discovered a protein which enables non-invasive tracking of neuronal activity.

The scenario and its possible motivations and consequences are presented through film and objects, including footage of the ceremony where citizens ingest their engineered protein, the Microbial Verdict Handbook, a blister-packaged synthetically-engineered protein, and a Government document outlining the benefits to the economy of this new policy in terms of reduced pension, NHS and housing costs.

Actors in the gallery invite the public to undergo a series of exercises and questions to ascertain the characteristics that make them ‘them’. In the speculative scenario it is these characteristics the protein would be programmed to track.

Workshops for people over the age of 65 will be run in partnership with AgeUK East London, and will take place on a weekly basis during the exhibition. They will discuss issues raised by the exhibition as well as a wider conversation about speculative design. To attend the workshops please contact the gallery.

The project is not intended as a vision of an ideal future, but it is intended as stimulus for debate around what possible, plausible or desirable futures might look like. The exhibition aims to engage the audience in critical and imaginative debate about how we, as individuals and as a society, are designing our futures and what the ethical and societal implications might be.

Zoë Hough is a Speculative Designer and Artist. Her interests lie in the overlapping themes of human emotion, politics, science and society.
She uses film, text, objects and electronics to craft speculative narratives, which aim to stimulate debate and reflection about how things are, how things could be, and how we might want things to be.

She holds an MA in Design Interactions from Royal College of Art and a first class Undergraduate Degree in Economics & Management from the University of St Andrews.



Thu Apr 02, 2015 18:00 - Sat May 02, 2015

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

arebyte is pleased to present, Superposition an audio-visual installation examining the different relationships and interactions that converge between online and offline experiences. The work draws on parallels between quantum physics and virtual reality.

In our settled, common world the object is solid, unique and can only exist in one place at a time. In the quantum world however the rules change: an object consists of instances of energy, it dispenses with its identity and becomes a part of a common unity. Correspondingly, in the virtual world the object is released from the tyranny of matter and can be distributed along the internet free from the constrains of time. The object becomes part of the Internet Unity.

Superposition refers to a quantum physics phenomenon where a particle can exist in all possible states, as a wave of probability, until it is observed and then collapses into a singular state of existence. The installation establishes a cybernetic system of energy exchange between the physical and the virtual where ENERGY exists on both physical and virtual realms at the same time in a state of superposition.

An acrylic tank filled with green UV reactive liquid is placed inside a black cube. UV lights placed in the cube cause the liquid to emit light so upon entering the cube the visitor perceives the liquid as if it is hovering in space. Transducers placed underneath the tank cause the liquid to vibrate creating harmonic visual patterns on the surface of the water. Water sensors placed inside the tank register the ripples created by the transducers and translate the information into computer code that in turn creates virtual waves in a virtual water tank that can be accessed at The virtual waves from the virtual water tank are then translated into sound that cause the liquid to vibrate through the transducers thus creating a cybernetic feedback loop of energy in a constant flux of transformation.

The energy exists on both realms but in different states; it exists in the physical world as a unique object in the gallery space and in the virtual world as code on a web browser where it is distributed and can be experienced anywhere and anytime. - Energy in a state of superposition.

Marios’ work explores the effects of digital computing and communications on human perception of reality. He is particularly interested in the convergence of offline and online reality and the role of real-time processing technologies and communications into moulding these two realities into one.


LikeMe Labs

Tue Feb 10, 2015 10:00 - Fri Mar 20, 2015

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Opening our 2015 program, artist Alisa Leimane, will create an immersive installation researching the construction of our online identities and try to challenge these ideas through a series of experiments, interviews and performances.

‘LikeMe Labs’ is a live exhibition presented in a pseudo-casting agency’s setting, looking to investigate the methods and ways in which our online identities and personas are constructed and manifested through online and social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, LinkedIn and others. The information age has opened up online and social media platforms where your identity can be altered and structured in new ways. The configuration of this alternate self depends heavily on how the users project themselves on these online arenas.

As part of the residency at arebyte, Leimane will subject her new identity to an over-exposure on the various dominant platforms and will experiment with the means of representation of the self in a contemporary relationship. Leimane will explore ideas of narcissism, exhibitionism and voyeurism and will subject herself to various experiments; made by herself and the audience.

Continuing a wide cross-disciplinary debate on the implications of digital technologies on our behaviours, practices and social activities, Leimane and her pseudo-identity will push the boundaries of virtual life and the computer-individual relationship, and will explore the physiological, psychological and moreover the social implications of our online activities.

The Project will invite the public to take an active part in the research through a series of meetings, interview and auditions.

Alisa Leimane is a Performance Artist, Theatre Maker, Larper, Spy and Community Researcher based in London. Her work challenges the artist's and audience relationship by creating ways for the audience to actively participate in the development of the piece. The work evolves from personal experiences and takes various forms from intimate one to one experiences, to pieces of invisible theatre in public spaces. As an artist Leimane is interested in blending personal life with the artistic practice.

Her previous work includes a one to one performance, ‘Little Scream’ (Lost Theatre, Lived Art Festival) where the audience was invited to share their opinions of motherhood whilst needing loaves of bread and ‘Hide and Seek’ (Dirty Deal Teatro, Latvia) a one of show about its audience's views on public, private and personal information.


Seeing I: 28 days living only through Virtual Reality

Mon Nov 17, 2014 18:30 - Mon Nov 17, 2014

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Seeing I - Launch event

Bl-nk, 37 East Rd, London, N1 6AZ
Monday 17th November. Doors open at 6:30pm
FB event :

We are very excited to invite you to the launch event of 'Seeing I'. An ambitious and interesting project which we have worked on for the last year with the artist Mark Farid.

'Seeing I' looks at the construction of identities though culture and technology. The project will document Mark living within the setting of a gallery space for 28 days wearing a Virtual Reality Headset, through which though he will be living someone else's life. This will be made into a documentary, directed by John Ingle, which will look at the experience itself and the implications of these digital mediators on our behaviour and as a result, our identity.

This is a very complex project and involves various factors which range from developing bespoke technology to specialist health care. We are looking to raise the funds through crowdfunding - for which we ask for your help.

On Monday 17th November we will launch the project and the Kickstarter campaign at Bl-nk, near Old Street station. We would be grateful if you could come, hear and see more about the project. If you like it spread the word and maybe even donate – any small amount would help!

Thank you and look forward to seeing you.

Nimrod Vardi
Director of arebyte Gallery


Intimations by Cinzia Cremona

Thu Nov 20, 2014 18:00 - Tue Dec 02, 2014

London, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

Intimations by Cinzia Cremona
20th Nov – 2nd Dec 2014
Thurs - Sat, 12 - 6pm (or by appointment)

Cinzia Cremona
20th November – 2nd December 2014

Come in, play, think ...
Intimations includes five videoperformances produced between 2007 and 2013:
1. Regardless (2007) experiments with visual strategies to suggest that the screen is permeable. 2. The Other Person (2010) explores intimacy, trust and zones of proximity. 3. Wish You Were Here (2011) suggests and mocks idealised conviviality, and plays with ideas of liveness. 4. Are You Talking to Me? (2010) denies relationality by focusing on a dialogue internal to the performer. 5. Before You Now (2013) explores the desire for authenticity and unmediated relationality.These videoperformances address you directly and ask personal and self-
reflective questions. It is on you, the viewer, that the significance of Intimations relies. The exhibition will be fulfilled if you accept the invitation to answer my enquires – otherwise they are simply monologues to camera – screen mediated conversations with an imagined other.

There are no technical theatrics, and the DIY aesthetic makes your presence feel more real. Dichotomies such as geographical distance and visual closeness, and relational presence and physical absence arise. I share with you a private moment in which I expose my feelings and thoughts. In addition, I unceasingly try to start an impossible dialogue with you, which triggers feelings of frustration on both sides of the screen. The screen is familiar to us and it is palpable in our daily life where most of our communication is now screen-based. We live in a networked society of hyper- communication, where the screen becomes invisible but, at the same time, shapes our identities. Through the Internet and within mass communications systems we assemble data according to our desires and we construct our personalised hypertext. Consequently, there is a fragmentation of our sense of self and understanding since I have my text and you have yours.

I address the camera in order to evoke an ideal interlocutor who activates a scene of address with me and initiates a chain of relays. We mobilise interpellation, the gaze, awareness and performativity to produce mediated relationality and invite reflection. These videoperformances explore the mechanisms and strategies of interfacing performer, video camera and screen to produce and mediate performative relationality in videoperformance. As a result, relationality emerges as fundamental to the construction of subjectivity.

By performing in my own work, I deploy my subjectivity as a tool to offer and experiment with the relational dynamics of performance, of the mediation of video, of the specific qualities of the screen and of the interplay of subjectivity and relationality. The elements of subjectivity that emerge in my videoperformances are part of my personal history, and are selected and utilised to activate relational offers and strategies. I confront the question of gendered subjectivity and representation directly, and acknowledge the legacy of artists and thinkers who have focused on the politics of representation of the female body (Martha Rosler, Hannah Wilke, Annie Abrahams and Peggy Phelan).

However, these videoperformances aim to integrate and transcend the direct questioning of representation towards the activation of performative relationality productive of moments of reflection. Similarly, they resonate with the theories and discourses of interpellation, the gaze, performativity and their ethics. In other words, I play with you in a way that transforms us both. I become with you, we construct ways of being and theories on ways of beings. What will you do with this experience? Where will you take it?

Cinzia Cremona is an artist and researcher. Her videoperformances focusing on relationships and intimate interaction form an original body of work that extends into networked practice and on-line performance. She is course leader of the MA contemporary Art and Professional Practice and for the MA Art, Design and the Book at the Colchester School of Art.