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Re: Pod Pals

I think I agree with you as to the significance of Pod Pals project. It is ostensively presented--if I understand it correctly--as technological application that blurs the boundaries between "art" and "life." I think it's just as likely that the opposite is true, that the perpetual blurring of art and life (yawn) is simply a pretext to support and legitamize new technology products. The intent seems to be a rhapsodic mediation on presence and the life of middle management academics. Actually I like it better now....
Anthony Craig

Matthew Mascotte wrote:

> i'm wondering where the Pod Pals project fits into the
> overall scheme of things. ok, the project calls attention
> to the importance of digital gear in our daily lives
> and is utilizing popular modes of connectivity (podcasts,
> inNetworks, etc) but is the material recently haked from
> Ms. Hilton's cell phone Art? As significant (and cool) as Mandiberg
> and Steinmetz are what is it about their upcoming moblog/podcast
> and emails that is important? What exaclty are we being
> asked to contemplate here? Not the content of the
> project (nothing has been made yet really) and as far as the
> conceptual plan is concerned I don't see how what they're doing is
> unique.
> Matthew