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N_DREW (aka Andrew Bucksbarg) is a media artist, experimental interaction designer, audio-visual performer and a professor in the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University. N_DREW ’s work and interests reverberate in the space of new technology/media practices and theory. As an experimental interaction artist, Bucksbarg concerns himself with technologies and social systems that support tactics of ambiguous, autonomous social creativity and exchange.
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MA/MS in Telecommunications

Thu Jan 15, 2009 00:00

United States of America

Call For Applications: MA/MS in Design and Production from the Department of Telecommunications at Indiana University, Bloomington

The MA/MS in Telecommunications with a focus on design and production from Indiana University is a highly flexible, two-year graduate degree focused on advanced topics in the media arts and sciences. Students concentrate on design and production from creative, professional and experimental perspectives by designing their own program of study in order to create artistic and new forms of expression and inquiry. Areas of specialization in the media arts include games, interactive media, virtual worlds, physical computing, documentary production, sound design and music for media, to name a few. The Department of Telecommunications is a leader in design and production, with the academic rigor of an applied, entrepreneurial and imaginative approach to media work. Students are encouraged to collaborate and work closely with faculty on advanced projects in their area of interest. A large number of students are funded and participate in teaching through assistant instruction, as well as research assistantships. Graduates become leaders in the their chosen field.

The Department of Telecommunications is part of the College of Arts and Sciences at Indiana University. Students at Indiana University are immersed in an interdisciplinary environment of world-class faculty including artists, designers, communications researchers, producers, writers, industry and legal experts in the field of communications, media arts and sciences.

The Department of Telecommunications also supports research in the field through the Institute for Communication Research. Subjects of study encouraged by the institute cover a wide range of topics, including cognitive processing of media, effects of media violence and media sexuality on individuals and society, stigma of mental illness, modern forms of television journalism, the effects of video games, as well as effects of the moving image and audio. Other research foci in the department include political communication, children and media, health communication, media industries, interactive media, media economics and telecommunications law and policy.

The Department of Telecommunication’s facilities include a graduate media lounge and computer lab, as well as advanced, high-definition production labs and facilities. The Department of Telecommunications makes its home in the Radio TV building, which is shared with Bloomington’s public television station WTIU and radio station WFIU.

Indiana University in Bloomington is one of the nation’s top technologically supported, public research institutions, with more than 19,000 graduate students, studying in 352 post-baccalaureate degree programs. Indianan University has first rate libraries ranked 13th in a survey of North American academic research libraries and an acclaimed extensive network of computer resources on a campus recognized as one of the most beautiful in the country.

Email or call (812) 855-3828



Fri Jun 27, 2008 00:00 - Fri Jun 27, 2008


Bay Area Sound Series, the Soundwave>Series, Embarks on the Most Innovative and Adventurous Season June 27 Through August 17 2008

(SAN FRANCISCO - May 01, 2008) - ME’D1.ATE NETWORK is excited to announce the most daring and ambitious Soundwave>Series ever. A record 11 extraordinary events will start June 27, 2008 through to August 17, 2008 at leading San Francisco art and music institutions The Lab, Community Music Center, and Intersection for the Arts…as well as on a moving bus venue hosted by New Langton Arts, Queen's Nails Annex, Art Engine and the spectacular de Young Museum.

Full schedule, online ticket purchase, artist bios and performance details are available at Infoline: 415-216-3102

The acclaimed series is launching its third season with a theme of MOVE>SOUND. An eclectic group of sound artists and musicians will create sonic performances around the theme of “Movement”. They will explore how movement intersects with sound, in its composition or performance, or in collaboration or interaction with artists, technologies and mediums involved in movement.

MOVE>SOUND’s performances include live amplified skateboarding, sound drawings, audience-activated sounds, lo-fi and high-tech motion sensors, weather-data sonifications, moving 3D holographic imagery, deep listening soundwalks and “AudioBus”, a ME’D1.ATE-initiated program featuring live sound and music performances on a moving double-decker bus.

“The amazing experiences in MOVE>SOUND will present dynamic new ideas for people to interact with sound and music,” says Soundwave’s Producer and Artistic Director Alan So. “These performances will be inspired jaw-dropping shows that will move you (some literally) like never before.”

ME’D1.ATE has invited the most intriguing local, national and international artists and musicians to create riveting performances for Bay Area audiences. Set to perform include celebrated electro avant-cellist Zoe Keating, underground orchestra Moe!Kestra!, New York-based sonifier Andrea Polli, acclaimed local singer-songwriter Odessa Chen, Canadian sound artist Diana Burgoyne, Indiana-based media artist N\_DREW (Andrew Bucksbarg), amongst many other leading sound and music artists.

Artists will also connect with audiences with presentations and demonstrations of their incredible works, experience, technologies and awe-inspiring performances.

Tickets will be at accessible rates for the diverse general public to have an all-sensory experience they will not soon forget. Prices will be pay-what-you-can sliding scale of $8 to $15 at door, as well as FREE soundwalk events. Online pre-sale tickets will be $10 and $12. Seating is very limited in these intimate venues and buses with the previous Soundwave season completely selling out. Online purchases are strongly encouraged.

The Soundwave>Series is organized by San Francisco based art group ME’D1.ATE NETWORK. ME’D1.ATE is fiscally sponsored by The Lab Art•re•grup Inc., a 501©3 non-profit organization and is supported in part by CitySightseeing, Zellerbach Family Foundation, Meet the Composer’s MetLife Creative Connections Program, Subito, the quick advancement grant program from the San Francisco Bay Area Chapter of the American Composers Forum and generous individual donors.

About Soundwave>Series

Soundwave>Series is Project>Soundwave’s biennial event series recently named Best Sound Sculptures - Future Classic by San Francisco Magazine’s BEST of 2007 issue. Soundwave is a multi-venue and multi-date sound performance series happening over the span of two months every two years in San Francisco USA. Each season investigates a new idea in sound and invites diverse multidisciplinary artists and musicians to explore the season’s theme in new and innovative directions. The Soundwave>Series has completed two successful seasons, Season 2’s SURROUND>SOUND in 2006 and Season 1’s FREE>SOUND in 2004. Project>Soundwave, launched by ME’D1.ATE in 2004, explores the boundaries of how we see sound, language and music. It is a project dedicated to challenge and inspire artists and audiences to look deeper into the sound medium and discover new connections to sound making and the sound experience through the production of CDs, exhibitions and live events. Project>Soundwave and the series has been featured on SPARK*, KQED’s (PBS) television arts show, SF Weekly, San Francisco Magazine, SF Chronicle, BBC Radio 3 (UK), ResonanceFM (UK), KUSF, KALX, KPFA, amongst others.

About ME’D1.ATE Network

Based in San Francisco, USA, ME'D1.ATE produces innovative exhibitions in visual and sound arts with diverse emerging and established local and international artists and musicians. It connects these works to new and diverse audiences through the initiation of exhibitions, products and live events, which include the online art exhibition, The.ME.Project ( launched in 2002 and the CD and event series, Project>Soundwave ( released in 2004. ME'D1.ATE's projects challenge perspectives to inspire new and unique experiences within ourselves and the world around us. Our goal is for audiences to look beyond the surface, and look deep into ideas and works critically, imaginatively and without limitation.

More details about Project>Soundwave and ME’D1.ATE can be found by going to and the project site



Thu Aug 30, 2007 00:00 - Wed Aug 22, 2007



On September 22, 2007, the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD, will present SoundWalk2007, featuring artists from the Southland and the international scene. This event operates under the concept of a one-night aural/visual experience as provided by a walking-tour of sound installations and soundmarks located in various indoor and outdoor spaces situated throughout the East Village Arts District in Downtown Long Beach. The artworks will combine in multiple ways a wide range of visual, performative and audio components. There will be sculptures, environments, installations and performances.

About SoundWalk2007

SoundWalk is an annual art event produced by the Long Beach artist group, FLOOD, as a variation of the "ArtWalk" events that take place every 2nd Saturday in the Arts District of Long Beach. Artists and viewers alike passionately embraced the inaugural event, SoundWalk 2004, with thirty artists participating and nearly a thousand visitors joining together for the evening walking-tour. Many visitors, who had no prior encounter with sound-art, were overwhelmingly enthusiastic in their responses.

Now in our fourth year, we continue to explore this unique environmental experience with new and returning artists participating in the transformation of our downtown Long Beach space. Outdoor soundmarks add a layer to and perform in concert with sounds of the city, thus intermingling with and altering the local soundscape. Unlikely combinations of the ordinary and the extraordinary enter into chance encounters with the attending public. Galleries and stores within the Arts District will accommodate a variety of indoor installations, creating uncommon intersections of art and commerce. This evening dedicated to sound is not only an exciting moment of transformed perception but a chance to rethink our sensory engagement with the spaces within which we function.

A number of works will be on display for an extended period throughout the month of September at various indoor locations. Once again, we wish to surprise, puzzle, enchant as well as engage those who intentionally and unintentionally participate in SoundWalk 2007.

This event is free to the public and is being sponsored in part by the Downtown Long Beach Business Associates (DLBA), The Arts Council for Long Beach, The East Village Association (EVA) and The City of Long Beach. More information about FLOOD and the artists is available upon request.


The artist group, FLOOD has been working on installation projects for the last four years. FLOOD is interested in testing the limits of artistic expression through collaboration and experimentation within a variety of artistic genres. Current members of FLOOD are Kamran Assadi, Shea M Gauer, Frauke von der Horst, Scott A Peterson, Shelley RuggThorp and Marco Schindelmann.

SoundWalk 2007 Participants:

Albert Ortega/ Arcanum/ Elonda Billera/ Bicycle Bell Ensemble/ Allie Bogle and Mike Chang/ Andrew Bucksbarg and Charlie Hoyt/ Madelyn Byrne, Ellen Weller and Randy Hoffman/ Miha Ciglar/Daniel Corral/ Christiaan Cruz/ Philip Curtis/ Frederik De Wilde/ Braden Diotte / Aaron Drake/ david drodge/ Charles Erwin/ ETEREUM/ FLOOD/ Flourescent Grey/ lindsay foster/ Jeff Foye and Gordon Winiemko/ Luis Garcia and Matt Bridges/ Josh Goldman/ GirlCharlie and Monica Ryan/ Kate and Lee Harding/ Doug Harvey/ Autumn Hays/ Kate Henningsen/ john kannenberg/ Lewis Keller/David Kendall/ Markle and Strauss/ midnight gardeners/Jim McAuley/ Thomas Anthony McDermott/ MLuM/ Yann Novak & Gretchen Bennett/ James N. Orsher/ Adam Overton/ Kevin Paul/ Doug Pearsall/ phog masheeen/ Sabine Pinkepank/ Gary Raymond/ redux/ RS-232/ Nicole C. Russell/ Erin Scott/ Surrealestate/ Tristan Shone/ Tom Skelly/ TOM SKY/ smgsap/ Phillip Stearns/ Robert Strong/ Super Minerals/ Hans Tammen/ Noah Thomas/ Nina Waisman/ Sander Roscoe Wolff/ Carrie Yury, Lindsay Ljungkull and Marya Alford

WHAT: Long Beach’s fourth annual sound art event, "SoundWalk 2007", a one-night walking-tour of soundmarks and installations by over 50 local and international sound artists.
WHERE: Throughout the area encompassed by Broadway, Atlantic Avenue, Ocean Boulevard, and Elm Street in the East Village Arts District of Downtown Long Beach, in a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces.
WHEN: Saturday, September 22, 2007 from 5 - 10 pm
PARKING: Metered parking is available on the street. After 6pm, parking is free

Kamran Assadi (562) 858-9846
Frauke Von Der Horst (562) 437-1550
Shea M Gauer (562) 499-6736
Marco Schindelmann (562) 413-5868
Shelley RuggThorp (562) 235-1846

PUBLIC CONTACT: Marco Schindelmann at (562) 413-5868
Visit to learn more about SoundWalk2007


Urban Games Festival

Thu Sep 07, 2006 00:00 - Thu Sep 07, 2006

For Immediate Release
September 7th, 2006

Tag Shufflesition: a mobile game of movement, mimicry and mime, that uses iPod Shuffles to see how fast can you find out who



Tue Aug 15, 2006 00:00 - Tue Aug 15, 2006

August 15th, 2006


Perform.Media is a transdisciplinary festival and symposium of creativity, theory, research and technoculture.
September 29th-October 14th, 2006
Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana

Perform.Media presents a ground breaking first for Indiana University and the Midwest, with a festival and symposium creating intimate discussion, performances, gallery environments, presentations and workshops, both online and off. Perform.Media brings together artists, directors, writers, composers, musicians, DJs/VJs, researchers and theorists, in a festival and symposium, to share work and engage in discourse at the confluence of performance, new media, and technoculture.

Perform.Media traverses transdisciplinary territories in the collaboration and social feedback of creative/artistic work, research and theory. The festival and symposium will include experiments in live audio-visual improvisations, interactive and game
media, performance processes, mobile and locative works, mixed and virtual reality presentations, and 'all things newer media.