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Immersive art

At ./mediateletipos))) we've been publishing some posts related with the subject 'immersive art' on the ocassion of the Sensxperiment 2011 (the topic chosen for this edition of the festival is 'Sensory Immersion'). All posts are available in English and Spanish (you'll find a link to the English version at right, below the header with the title and the date). There are general posts about flicker films, interfaces, smell art, sound immersion, live cinema, etc. and also special posts about several artists, like Brion Gysin (Dreamachine), Bruce McLure, Telcosystems, Ken Jacobs and Anthony McCall. You can find all the posts here. If you know some artist, piece or general topic that you think that we should mention or if you have any kind of comment, critique or an interesting personal experience related with the topic, please, do not hesitate to write something in this thread or in the comments section of the related post at ./mediateletipos))).



Thank You :)



I don't know how to embed a video from vimeo, so I just put the link: http://www.vimeo.com/12819219 It's the first experiment in 'glitching' from a project with old silent films. Of course, the first must be Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory. If, as Manovich said, “new media is old media that has been digitized”, I guess that I'm just digitizing...


Anyone working with GPS?

Hi, I was wondering if someone here works with gps devices in an artistic context. The fact is that I usually make sound recordings walking without a destination in mind and I'm interested in having some way to produce later a map of where I've been. Maybe you can do that with any gps device, I don't know, but I would like to know what kind of gps devices use people who do things like gps drawings.


ZEE (2008) - Kurt Hentschlaeger

I'm the person who recorded that video :) The fact is that you don't have to understand anything, it is something about perception and feelings. It's hard to explain with words, but I assure you that it's really overwhelming!