Anyone working with GPS?

Hi, I was wondering if someone here works with gps devices in an artistic context. The fact is that I usually make sound recordings walking without a destination in mind and I'm interested in having some way to produce later a map of where I've been. Maybe you can do that with any gps device, I don't know, but I would like to know what kind of gps devices use people who do things like gps drawings.

Nick Hasty Nov. 6 2009 17:32Reply

this new model has an internet connection, which might prove useful for logging your path. looks like twitter connection is built in…


Jonathan Vingiano Nov. 6 2009 17:46Reply

I use an application for my phone called Instamapper which logs all your GPS coordinates in intervals that you specify. It also has an API so you can do a lot with the data it tracks, like make a line drawing based on your coordinates. Instamapper has made applications that you can download to your cell phone so as long as you have a data plan, you can constantly be tracking your GPS coordinates without carrying another device. You can find the Instamapper website here

anonymous idem Nov. 23 2009 11:53Reply

Hi _blank, just copy/pasted some comment i saw

"" To get another live! preview of the social character of future LBS networks check-out an already webby award nominated website like

Live! location/trips/photo’s/groups/spots/albums/comments sharing



web2.0 Spots:


however small it’s very alive ! ""

Already a lot possible with just about any mobile GPS enabled phone as you can see.
You can easily add a audio/video hyperlink to a picture taken ad a specific spot.
For another artistic use of bliin check-out Futursonic 's 2009 Art Award winner Jon Cohrs and

hope this was helpfull, greetings