Urban Diaglogues

Member Since January 27, 2011

…9 artists from 9 cities across, 5 continents, virtually share their art, language, culture, cities, and photos via the Internet, experimenting with collaborations which bridge their global diversity and artistic similarities.

Urban Dialogues© (UD) examines the complex interactions between artists, cultures, nature, urban interventions, cities, and technology, via photography, digital art and video, capturing the contradictions and analogies of our individual and collective histories, reflecting today’s new era of global engagement. UD artists all met via an artist social networking website, came together and virtually exchange photos of their cities and art. The collaborative artworks are hybrids of each artists’ unique vision, time and place.

Never before in human history have we faced so many rapid changes in technology and lifestyles. Our world and our lives are becoming more and more global, complex and interdependent. Current day technologies are creating a world with very different boundaries, bringing those from distant shores closer together. At the same time, everything is very fragmented and we feel disconnected. In the middle of the crowded streets, or in an art studio, one can feel isolated.

“Urban Dialogues©” is questioning the nature of artistic practices in today’s digital age: is art made by the sole artist alone in their studio or can collaborative works push us to new heights?

UD Artists: Amy Bassin, New York City, USA; Sonia Gil, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; José Javier Gonzalez, Madrid, Spain; Jana Hunterova, Liberec, Czech Republica: Frie J. Jacobs, Zoersel, Belgium; Aditi Kulkarni, Mumbai, India; Emeka Ogboh, Lagos, Nigeria; Uma Ray, Kolkata, India: Hidemi Shimura, Shanghai, China