Steve Tiffany has been programming computers to generate art since the 1980s. His work has been seen at tech-art gatherings in San Francisco and Cologne, Germany, and on LED-screen-equipped bus shelters in London.
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Game Engines in Art - come and share

Back in 2001, I made a random talking head, Uncle Weevy, using the very game-oriented Dark BASIC. His predecessor, Steve Headroom, was made in AMOS Pro, a game-oriented BASIC for the Amiga, which I also used for a mid-90s update to my 1988 collage-generator, Picture Garden.

I've never been inclined to write actual games, but game-making tools have also been great art-making tools. Now I'm mostly using Processing.js to make things that run from the browser, as everyone's too afraid of malware to install software written by individuals.