Open Gallery

Member Since July 5, 2013

Open is an online art gallery devoted to a new form of art: video painting. We offer both a space for artists to showcase their work and services for art installationsIn 2003, technology was developed by Open that enabled video paintings to be combined into series in such a manner that they play in intelligent sequences, according to criteria determined by the artist. Unlike most video art, the series are thereby freed from the necessity to loop however long they play, overcoming the issue of repetition, which has previously constrained the potential of video installation.Today, Open presents work as series, which are delivered to the viewer through this special technology that has revolutionised the potential and possibilities of contemporary moving image artwork. Contributing artists produce commissioned solo series as well as some individual video paintings for gallery group series. Open has made these available to preview below as part of our online video art gallery.Open Gallery and its previous incarnation, the Artscape Project, have exhibited in numerous locations both nationally and internationally, including the Hospital Club, ICA, Hayward Gallery, Sketch and the Shunt Vaults, as well as the Miami Ice Palace. Open continues to participate in both video art and Moving Image festivals globally, as well as curating bespoke private events that combine screenings with discursive interactions through programmed debates.