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Harry Burke

Ekphrastic poetry for the album 'R Plus Seven.'

Sofia Leiby & Jaakko Pallasvuo

Art is a role-playing game.

Harry Burke

"You could make other people's art, you could predict what everyone was going to ...

Harry Burke

The short film "Was Being Moved" takes the form of a series of postcards to ...


Upcoming events, online exhibitions, and commissions round out the spring program.

Kerry Doran

Hershman Leeson has been probing the idea of what it means to be a cybernetic ...

Paul Soulellis

Reading Kristen Gallagher's latest work, which has been published as a ZIP file.

Harry Burke

Ambient speedreading of two notoriously difficult texts.

Orit Gat

Fifty percent of arts organizations in the United States maintain a blog. But why, and ...

. Experiment

Nora N. Khan

The Facebook sticker set Business Fish is a diagram for the management of emotional capital.

. Opinion

Nicolas Sassoon

How can the internet and digital tools still provide a space for dreaming?

. First Look

Harry Burke

As part of "Poetry as Practice," a new work from Penny Goring.