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Paul Soulellis

Untethered from physical matter, these files work to extend life.

Michael Connor

Rappers take a turn as museum guides in Juan Obando's video mixtape.

William Kherbek

"A lot of what I do relates to the emergence of things."

Emma Hazen

I am no longer enacting an imagined future, but reenacting past traumas.

Da'Shan Smith

Our digital past is still here, it's just unevenly distributed.

Anton Haugen

Soft power and absurdity in the modern workplace.

Alison Hugill

"Why care today when technology will save us tomorrow."

Ash Eliza Smith

An artist on the poetics of electronic resistance.

Manuel Arturo Abreu

Like a cyber-Oracle of Delphi, the internet guides spiritual seekers to unforeseen destinies.

. Experiment

Chris Fite-Wassilak

A review of Rachael Archibald's featured digital installation "carnate (in-pinking)" on Paper-Thin.org.

. Opinion

Michael Connor

A new album made using the most accessible of instruments, a web browser.

. First Look

Michael Connor

"Diaries are swallowed by the beds girls write their journals from."