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Paul Soulellis

Works from 147 artists contribute in diverse ways to the web-to-print discourse.

Elvia Wilk

An attempt at quantitative musicology falls flat.

Zachary Kaplan

Home office abstraction made by pressing clay onto a flatbed scanner.

Lucy Chinen

On a new curatorial project that treats exhibition space, book, and website as different forms ...

Michael Connor

Lena NW and Costcodreamgurl unveil their new game, 'Viral.'

Michael Connor

Seven on Seven 2015 projects in sum.


The Seven on Seven pairs collaborate.

Elvia Wilk


. Experiment

Michael Connor

A primer on this year's Seven on Seven theme: Empathy & Disgust

. Opinion

Phyllis (Gershuny) Segura

The founder of a legendary early video art journal speaks out.

. First Look


Jacob Appelbaum, Ai Weiwei and Laura Poitras for Seven on Seven 2015!