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Alex Bacon

Is digital technology the "vampire's kiss that makes painting immortal?"

Michael Connor

The projects and ideas from Seven on Seven 2016

Javier Fresneda

Our attention is not focused on a singular image, but is distributed along the image ...

Eleanor Ford

The latest in a series of interviews with artists who have a significant body of ...

Paul Soulellis

The Download is a series of Rhizome commissions that considers posted files, the act of ...

Nora N. Khan

On Bad Corgi, an artist's app that exercises your anxiety.

. Experiment

Chloe O'Neill

Artist Profile: Colin Self by Chloe O'Neill

. Opinion


Rhizome is pleased to announce the Seven on Seven keynote for 2016.

. First Look

Lauren Cornell

A speculative proposition by João Enxuto and Erica Love for First Look: New Art Online.