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Orit Gat

For better art criticism, pull out that credit card.

Kate Crawford and Laura Poitras

What is the lived experience of invasive surveillance?


Laura Poitras's film of Ai Weiwei and Jacob Appelbaum's Seven on Seven collaboration ...

Lauren Cornell

New performance videos explore the complexities of porn, feminism, and pleasure.

Mendi+Keith Obadike

Ahead of a Friday performance in NYC, the sound duo discuss the influence of RZA ...

Michael Connor

Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to an eager public via a magazine cover, a Twitter ...

Michael Connor

This Saturday, a live-streamed event that considers interior decoration as political practice.

Kerry Doran

"In the case of //_PATH and Axiom & Simulation, I take three-dimensional forms derived from the ...

B. Ruby Rich

Revisiting a cyberfeminist porn film that picked up where 'Blade Runner' left off.

. Experiment

Anton Haugen

"Don't you believe me?" "Huh?" "What's wrong with me?" "Somebody…" "You know what ...

. Opinion

DeForrest Brown, Jr.

A new album as speculative symposium.

. First Look

Paul Soulellis

Works from 147 artists contribute in diverse ways to the web-to-print discourse.