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Josephine Bosma

Known for his sense of humor and his clever art interventions, Shulgin acted as a ...


We’ve reached the twilight hours of Barack Obama’s presidency.

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Elizaveta Shneyderman

"When I think about technology—then and now—it’s steeped in bodies: the bodies ...

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Ashley Stull Meyers

The artists included in "Testing Grounds" scrutinize the legal, ethical, and cultural voids left unattended ...

. Net Art Anthology

Aria Dean

Mez Breeze's writing practice mixes computer code and human language, subverting both.

. Net Aesthetics

Nicholas O'Brien

How new and evolving economies emerge from the virtual marketplace of online games, despite corporate ...

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Michael Connor

A history of Mouchette, one of the web's earliest and most enduring characters.

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Sam Korman

“maps are the only thing i can T.R.U.S.T...is it like ...

. Net Art Anthology

Daniel Hunt

Net art at the end of the dictatorship.

. Net Art Anthology

Aria Dean

In the late 1990s, Electronic Disturbance Theater brought civil disobedience to cyberspace, in support of ...

Zachary Kaplan

Two new board members, new staff, and a new conference mark the end of our ...

Sam Lavigne and Tega Brain

The undead corpus of emails from a massive corporate fraud.