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Paul Soulellis

Portraits of digital service workers by Elisa Giardina Papa.

Michael Connor

A newly commissioned gif artwork renders a now-defunct project space on the night of a ...

Paul Soulellis

An artist profile of Lorna Mills by Paul Soulellis


Welcoming the latest addition to our curatorial team.

Lauren Cornell

“Andrea Crespo: A day in the lives of” is copresented by Rhizome and the New ...

Leah Schrager

The Instagram Model as a New Form of DIY Digital Feminized Performance

Tess Edmonson

"19th-century animation devices suggested that it is possible for human technology to make animals move ...

Alice Hattrick

An online exhibition in the form of a tarot deck yields surprising insights.

Kaela Noel

Funded projects include an Enron simulator and rare Lana Del Pepes.

. Experiment

Elvia Wilk with Jenna Sutela

For artist Jenna Sutela, slime mold is subject, collaborator, and performer.

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Gaby Cepeda

'I'm making the same art I've made all my life. Now I just ...