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Josephine Bosma

Artist Robert Adrian (1935-2015, also known as Robert Adrian X), founder of what was likely ...

Michael Connor

A performative video of plagiarized texts.

Michael Connor

A new video work by João Enxuto and Erica Love portrays internet access as a ...

Devin Kenny and Lucas G. Pinheiro

An exhibition of performances that use the web as a platform for political and artistic ...

Jamie Sutcliffe

Beneath the fantasy of freedom

Ché Zara Blomfield

Harm van den Dorpel’s project Deli Near Info is a nonlinear social media website.

Paul Soulellis

Like Grindr in reverse.

Liat Berdugo

At the Unicode conference, the stakes are sometimes high, and sometimes very low.

Celine Katzman

SQRRL by John Russell is on view through Thursday on the front page of rhizome ...

. Experiment

Ben Eastham

Criticism is a feedback loop. Artists have long considered the internet as a context in ...

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Since the launch, Oldweb.today has been wildly popular. This takes resouces to operate—please ...

. First Look


On Rhizome's front page this week is Shelley Jackson's my body - a Wunderkammer ...