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Lauren Cornell

“Andrea Crespo: A day in the lives of” is copresented by Rhizome and the New ...

Leah Schrager

The Instagram Model as a New Form of DIY Digital Feminized Performance

Tess Edmonson

"19th-century animation devices suggested that it is possible for human technology to make animals move ...

Alice Hattrick

An online exhibition in the form of a tarot deck yields surprising insights.

Kaela Noel

Funded projects include an Enron simulator and rare Lana Del Pepes.

Elvia Wilk with Jenna Sutela

For artist Jenna Sutela, slime mold is subject, collaborator, and performer.

Gaby Cepeda

'I'm making the same art I've made all my life. Now I just ...


Rhizome is hiring for two curatorial positions: a Software Curator and an Assistant Curator for ...

. Experiment

Lana Polansky

Lana Polansky on art history for videogames.

. Opinion

Kaela Noel

Proposals are due August 11, 2016 for this year's microgrants. Rhizome will award net ...

. First Look

Dorothy R. Santos

Living Room Light Exchange looks ahead to its second year.