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Alison Hugill

"Why care today when technology will save us tomorrow."

Ash Eliza Smith

An artist on the poetics of electronic resistance.

Manuel Arturo Abreu

Like a cyber-Oracle of Delphi, the internet guides spiritual seekers to unforeseen destinies.

Chris Fite-Wassilak

A review of Rachael Archibald's featured digital installation "carnate (in-pinking)" on Paper-Thin.org.

Michael Connor

A new album made using the most accessible of instruments, a web browser.

Michael Connor

"Diaries are swallowed by the beds girls write their journals from."

Michael Connor

Since 2013, Rutherford Chang has documented himself playing Tetris on the Nintendo Game Boy 1 ...

Laura McLean-Ferris

This word, “biennale” (or biennial) has become a little painful. Sometimes it means “serious exhibition ...

Michael Connor

Now on Rhizome's front page is Antonym of Direction in the Curiosity Gap, a ...

. Experiment


Webrecorder is hiring a talented developer dedicated to protecting digital culture. See the description.

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Josephine Bosma

Artist Robert Adrian (1935-2015, also known as Robert Adrian X), founder of what was likely ...

. First Look

Michael Connor

A performative video of plagiarized texts.