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Alexis Anais Avedisian

Flexxxing some freedom of speech for "good and not evil."

Marisa Olson

An interview about the thirteen-year history of the Whitney Museum artport.

John O'Shea

On prototyping a new archive of fan-made media.

Alex Bacon

On painting digital textures and effects.

Heloise Cullen

Navigating a collage of image and sound via a Google Maps interface.

Fiona Shipwright

Some things really can't be confirmed, nor denied.

Jamie Sutcliffe

The viewer's body fascinates me.

Dorothy Howard

Even a frivolous Facebook Group may be as much about solidarity-building as it is about ...

. Experiment

Orit Gat

Thinking of technology as it translates not only from past to present but also from ...

. Opinion

Zachary Kaplan

Online exhibitions are nothing new; NYT reviews of them are.

. First Look

Michael Connor

With the call for Prix Net Art nominations open, what is net art exactly?