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Olia Lialina

Observations from the year 2000 on being a Famous Net Artist.

Matthew Fuller

Notes on I/O/D 4: The Web Stalker


Three winners chosen by our jury.

Simone Krug

CybeRoberta and Tillie distribute the act of viewing across the apparatus of the network.

Karen Archey

A historical look at the origin of the Dollie Clones.

Simone Krug

This interview accompanies the presentation of Mongrel's Blacklash and Heritage Gold as a part ...

manuel arturo abreu

BlackLash gamified the nightmare deep at the heart of white multiculturalism: black retribution.


Experimental animation in mobile virtual reality

manuel arturo abreu

Mongrel’s 'Heritage Gold' and the Commodification of Identity

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Ingrid Burrington

It's hard to ignore the aesthetic similarity between BIT Plane's grainy video footage ...

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Convening luminary artists, writers, activists, and scholars to discuss how technology is transforming culture, Open ...

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Josephine Bosma

Known for his sense of humor and his clever art interventions, Shulgin acted as a ...