. Net Art Anthology

Alexander Iadarola

Musson's 'Art Thoughtz' remains powerful due in equal measure to its hilarity, historicity, and ...

. Digital Preservation

Zachary Kaplan

The largest gift in Rhizome’s history will support Webrecorder’s implementation in institutional contexts ...

. Net Aesthetics

manuel arturo abreu

manuel arturo abreu discusses modernism, violence, reparations, Blackness, and Black art in the context of ...

. Net Art Anthology

Alec Recinos

The key to the sublime in Rafman’s work lies in the way the indifferent ...

. Reports

Lucy Sollitt

Lucy Sollitt reports on ethical discussions around blockchain and the art world at the DAOWO ...

. Reports

Danni Shen

Danni Shen reports on left gallery’s role in the Bitcoin- and blockchain-fueled landscape of ...

. sevenonseven


Line-up and Details for the 10th Edition of 7×7 to be announced on Monday, April ...

Pastiche Lumumba

Pastiche Lumumba looks back on Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement and a Best Picture bait-and-switch. Nothing ...

Sam Rolfes

From @Shitty_Future to slime videos, Sam Rolfes takes us through his browser history.

Caroline Sinders

A/S/L and seven second videos 4ever.

Cara Ellison

Hope and humor still flourished in some corners of the internet this year.

Dean Kissick

Because those who cannot learn from history are doomed to repeat it.