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Adam Rothstein

Artists and researchers explore the lived realities of complex infrastructure.

Timothy Cooper

Why are 3D models of Islamic holy places considered profane?

Nicholas O'Brien

The demise of an artist-run studio highlights flaws in the videogame ecosystem.

Michael Connor

Imaging the internet as totality.


Money for Net Art in 2015.

Orit Gat

"I'm no longer actively manipulating the search results for Haim Steinbach."

Zachary Kaplan

How Paul Slocum saved "Mike Builds a Shelter," and why it matters.

Orit Gat

For better art criticism, pull out that credit card.

. Experiment

Kate Crawford and Laura Poitras

What is the lived experience of invasive surveillance?

. Opinion


Laura Poitras's film of Ai Weiwei and Jacob Appelbaum's Seven on Seven collaboration ...

. First Look

Lauren Cornell

New performance videos explore the complexities of porn, feminism, and pleasure.