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Laura Poitras's film of Ai Weiwei and Jacob Appelbaum's Seven on Seven collaboration ...

Lauren Cornell

New performance videos explore the complexities of porn, feminism, and pleasure.

Mendi+Keith Obadike

Ahead of a Friday performance in NYC, the sound duo discuss the influence of RZA ...

Michael Connor

Yesterday, Caitlyn Jenner introduced herself to an eager public via a magazine cover, a Twitter ...

Michael Connor

This Saturday, a live-streamed event that considers interior decoration as political practice.

Kerry Doran

"In the case of //_PATH and Axiom & Simulation, I take three-dimensional forms derived from the ...

B. Ruby Rich

Revisiting a cyberfeminist porn film that picked up where 'Blade Runner' left off.

Anton Haugen

"Don't you believe me?" "Huh?" "What's wrong with me?" "Somebody…" "You know what ...

DeForrest Brown, Jr.

A new album as speculative symposium.

. Experiment

Paul Soulellis

Works from 147 artists contribute in diverse ways to the web-to-print discourse.

. Opinion

Elvia Wilk

An attempt at quantitative musicology falls flat.

. First Look

Zachary Kaplan

Home office abstraction made by pressing clay onto a flatbed scanner.