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Josephine Bosma

Artist Robert Adrian (1935-2015, also known as Robert Adrian X), founder of what was likely ...

Michael Connor

A performative video of plagiarized texts.

Michael Connor

A new video work by João Enxuto and Erica Love portrays internet access as a ...

Devin Kenny and Lucas G. Pinheiro

An exhibition of performances that use the web as a platform for political and artistic ...

Jamie Sutcliffe

Beneath the fantasy of freedom

Ché Zara Blomfield

Harm van den Dorpel’s project Deli Near Info is a nonlinear social media website.

Paul Soulellis

Like Grindr in reverse.

Liat Berdugo

At the Unicode conference, the stakes are sometimes high, and sometimes very low.

. Experiment

Celine Katzman

SQRRL by John Russell is on view through Thursday on the front page of rhizome ...

. Opinion

Ben Eastham

Criticism is a feedback loop. Artists have long considered the internet as a context in ...

. First Look


Since the launch, Oldweb.today has been wildly popular. This takes resouces to operate—please ...