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Dear Y'all,

For awhile now I have been quite annoyed with Rhizome's favicon---> Our current favicon feels a little clunky and if you ask me it is high time for a change. I have tried and failed several times to create one that is more elegant and after some careful consideration and consultation with the Rhizome team I think it is time to turn to our community for a favicon refresh. So for the next week, I invite all of you to try your hand at creating a favicon for Rhizome. If you would like to submit a design simply create a 16x16 pixel png/gif/jpg file, upload it to your server/tumblr/blog and embed it as a comment on this thread.* You have until March, 10th 2010 to enter at which point the Rhizome staff will get together and choose a winner. The winning icon will replace our current one and we will add a credit somewhere on the site that links to an URL of your choosing. (Full Disclosure: The credit link will probably be small and at the bottom of a page somewhere, but come on.... bragging rights? google rank improvement?) Can't wait to see what sorts of big ideas you can come up with with such a small canvas.

Happy Hunting,

John Michael Boling

* If you don't have access to a server to host your submission please feel free to e-mail it to me at jm.boling[at]rhizome.org with the subject "FAVICONTEST" and I will upload and post it to this thread for you.

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Travis Hallenbeck March 3 2010 13:46Reply

it's on :)

M. River March 3 2010 13:58Reply

Hey John,

Just to clarify, are you looking for just a new favicon or a remake of the artist designed Rhizome logo?

John Michael Boling March 3 2010 14:19Reply

M.River. We are just looking for a new favicon. The artist designed Rhizome starburst logo will remain intact. It just didn't translate very well to the current favicon. We are open for people to still try to use the starburst in some way in their favicons if they like.

M. River March 3 2010 14:35Reply

Thanks John. Good idea.

Matthew Wells Gaffney March 3 2010 17:26Reply

WOAH two seconds before seeing this post i thought to myself "that icon needs to go."

Ry David Bradley March 4 2010 00:25Reply

the one in your example with the flashing q mark ?

Ry David Bradley March 4 2010 00:27Reply

or could somebody make one that alters ie/ samples whatever current post on rhizome home page…

rafael rozendaal March 4 2010 01:07Reply

there might be something here you could use? good luck!

night-falls.net March 4 2010 04:32Reply





expect more from me *<;p

Nick Hasty March 4 2010 16:57Reply

Love it!

M. River March 4 2010 12:20Reply

dragon 4tw!

Adam Okrasinski March 4 2010 13:27Reply


I'm a huge fan of Rafael Rozendaal, but custom gif is definitely the way to go…

night-falls.net March 4 2010 15:17Reply

Travess Smalley March 7 2010 14:52Reply

these are great

night-falls.net March 4 2010 18:40Reply




somethin like that

Jeff Baij March 4 2010 18:51Reply

jude mc March 4 2010 19:18Reply



not gonna stop ;D

Travis Hallenbeck March 6 2010 19:42Reply

This is a picture of a bit, btw.

Travis Hallenbeck March 7 2010 21:02Reply

hmm, technology's not always digital though.

rendering... March 6 2010 09:48Reply

:// or variations on this design:
the new museum shows its location, the building, in the favicon.
it would be humorous if rhizome - as an affiliate of the museum - would mirror that.
(referencing the web as a location in the favicon).


night-falls.net March 8 2010 03:24Reply

*< : P

adam March 8 2010 13:31Reply


this option combines the bright colors of your identity with a slightly different take on how you use lines in your identity. the stacked shape also references the shape of the new museum building.

rendering... March 8 2010 19:00Reply

the building with flashing cursor arrow
the building building up



rendering... March 10 2010 18:35Reply

these ones are:
R with tai chi figure
:// as a martial art sign that fades away while tai chi master still tentatively explores the space.
(:// is from http://)

rendering... March 10 2010 18:37Reply

these animated gifs are:
R with tai chi figure
:// as a martial art sign that fades away while tai chi master tentatively explores the space.
(:// is from http://)

the ones with the building i sent in an other mail.

Ben Coonley March 10 2010 13:30Reply

Variation on a common theme

night-falls.net March 11 2010 16:31Reply

this still goin on r waht!?

rafael rozendaal March 15 2010 07:58Reply

do animated favicons only work in firefox?

John McArdle March 18 2010 11:30Reply

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axl April 7 2010 20:05Reply

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