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Drifter (2008) - Magali Reus

(Originally via NETMARES/NETDREAMS v. 2.2)

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london bus hire Aug. 8 2009 05:27Reply

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Daniel Aug. 8 2009 18:04Reply

Lol looks cool

Michael Szpakowski Aug. 9 2009 04:55Reply

I see this is an embedded QT.

For a brief, glorious, period after Rhizome moved to its current format it was possible, as an ordinary member, to post not only Flash:


but also Shockwave and QT here.

Most of the things I made then now just sit as sad bits of code:




(and a few other things)

but, curiously, some of them seem to partially work:


( images, yes; sound, no)

I'm not making any big claims for the things I did on the list, although I think they were amusing and, to some extent, a little different.

There is an interesting imbalance here, though, where it appears Rhizome staffers can have recourse to QT for archiving and commentary purposes ( and I'll say again how great I think the Rhizome front page currently is; an unmatchable resource, thoughtfully and elegantly put together and presented) but those of us who've been around for years commenting, arguing & occasionally trying to make work on the site are shut out…

Now that moderation is a feature of Rhizome life and will be for the forseeable future could we have QT and Shockwave back? ( I know it was accidental, but it was great)

Nick Hasty Aug. 11 2009 17:43Reply

Hi Michael,

Flash and Quicktime are still supported and should work via the bb code ( [flash]URL[/flash] & [qt]URL[/qt] ).

Check the guide: http://rhizome.org/lib/rhizome_bbcode/guide.php

I'm working on updating your old posts…



Michael Szpakowski Aug. 12 2009 04:40Reply

Hi Nick
thanks - I hadn't realised that QT was available using bbcode -that's great.
I guess intially this must have been loosely implemented on Rhizome ( or that somehow html slipped through) because when I used either Shockwave or QT before, it embedded on the site using the object/embed html which is why the stuff must've stopped working when the site was tightened up…
Director seems to have dramatically fallen in popularity & use recently but there's a big historical legacy of work in it & some of us still prefer it to Flash - is there any way of allowing the use of bbcode to embed Director authored shockwave ( .dcr) files as well as Flash? ( I can't imagine this has any more security implications than allowing Flash) I see from the bbcode site that admins can generate custom tags…
anyway, many thanks for the helpful response

Nick Hasty Aug. 12 2009 10:40Reply

Hi Michael,

I believe we switched to bbcode just a few months after the site was last redesigned. I'll work on adding .dcr support to the bbcode and then update your posts.



Nick Hasty Aug. 12 2009 12:26Reply

Hi again Michcael,

.dcr support has been added to the bb code. So flash, quicktime, and director are all supported. Your old posts are all functioning once again.

Let me know if you have any complications.



Michael Szpakowski Aug. 12 2009 16:11Reply

that's tremendous Nick! many thanks!

t.whid Aug. 12 2009 12:31Reply


While we're talking bugs and etc….

The small buttons above the text input area do not seem to work on any browser I use (Firefox, Safari).


Nick Hasty Aug. 12 2009 18:07Reply

Hi Tim! The buttons should work now. I added QT and Director buttons too.

Thanks everyone!


t.whid Aug. 12 2009 19:18Reply


[size=40]yes they work[/size]

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sweetpie Feb. 15 2010 17:55Reply

Thanks every one to share ideas. I have same issue.