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a message (2008) - Heather Rasley

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Taylor Parley Oct. 17 2008 01:20Reply

Complete waste of time and energy.

Michael Szpakowski Oct. 17 2008 09:23Reply

Do you think so, Taylor?
I think it's delicate and lovely* but with a sting.
Her other work is interesting too - bit like a very very distilled female Nauman..
Why do you dislike it so?

PS it *does* display oddly, though, in IE - for some reason placed at the extreme right of the page.
At first I thought the fact one had to scroll to see the whole thing might be part of the deal but then
I saw that in Firefox it's centred.

*not the colours so much as its fragility, the malformed lettering, the fact that that it sits there all lonely on the page…

Heather Rasley Oct. 17 2008 18:01Reply

You're welcome to email heather dot rasley at gmail dot com if you want to comm with me directly. Thanks for the post, John.