Semeiotic is an autonomous biorobotic plant which climbs up a living tree and forms a symbiotic relationship with it. Its purpose is to achieve an intimate and balanced relationship between the artificial and the natural.

The installation consists of a water collector in place of a tuber, solar panels instead of leaves, rubber tubes and an artificial fruit. Inside the fruit there is nutritive soil in which microorganisms reproduce. After gradual ‘ripening’ the ‘fruit’ is released due to excessive pressure. It falls down, where it fertilizes the host tree. A ’seed’, which is actually a SD card is placed inside the fruit. All the data necessary for the breeding of a new symbiont is put into the card. A microcontroller guarantees the accuracy of the growth process and is in control of the whole procedure. Symbiont offers nutrients, which promote growth of the host plant, in exchange for a better access to light (i.e. Solar panels in the treetop).

Originally seen at Organism.

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