6/29 Thu : one over three: the NY premiere of 1-bit audiovisual ensemble

1/3 - one over three: 1-bit audiovisual ensemble

when: Thur 6.29 (7:30 & 10pm)
where: Monkey Town (58 N 3rd St, Wburg, 781.384.1369)
price: $5
links: http://monkeytownhq.com/mux.html
After the 7:30pm show, there will be a brief Q&A with audiences.


c.h.i.a.k.i. aka chiaki watanabe(live visuals), http://www.nicknack.org

Tristan Perich of 1BIT music, http://www.onebitmusic.com

Sylwia Mincewicz of The Ambitious Orchestra, http://www.ambitiousorchestra.com

*1/3 is made possible with support from: The Experimental Television Center and Flux Factory