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Call for submissions

For more information visit http://www.field-of-vision.net/Beijing
The Gao Brothers invite you to collaborate in


A joint venture between Beijing New Art Projects / China, the Institute for New Media, Frankfurt a.M. / Germany and Digital Art Projects / UK

The Factory 798 Art District, 4 Jiuxianqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing / China

1 – 16 September 2006 >>>>>> DEADLINE 15 August 2006

Following the success of FIELD OF VISION : NEW YORK and FIELD OF VISION : EXTREMES, FIELD OF VISION : BEIJING will be the third in this series of combined internet / physical world events. This time the organising artists are asking everyone to submit images and text about China, everything Chinese or influenced by China.

The Gao Brothers and artists group Digital Art Projects invite you to submit ANY KIND of images and text showing China AS YOU SEE IT, whether you live there, have been there or not. These could be abstract or figurative. They are particularly looking for images containing the colour red, images of Chinese text in any form and they would be really pleased if you send a short note, comment, statement or even a longer essay accompanying your work. All images are printed out postcard size and a selection of about 500 will be assembled on location into a billboard format collage.

Photographs, pictures downloaded from the internet or magazine cuttings, small artworks for example paintings, scanned objects, drawings, collages and electronically generated imagery are all acceptable but must be digitised and sent as e-mail attachments or uploaded to our server.

- You can submit as much images and text as you like
- Image file formats: .jpeg, .gif, .png
- File size: max 1 megabyte per image

EMAIL TO beijing@field-of-vision.net
OR UPLOAD AT http://www.field-of-vision.net/Beijing/Upload

If you wish to be credited include your name, city and country. Successful entries will be notified by e-mail and presented on the project web site.

CURATED BY: The Gao Brothers, China / Marcel Hager, Germany / Stephan Hausmeister, Germany, UK

ORGANISING ARTISTS: Paul Dacey, USA / Zang Dali, China / Alison Dalwood, UK / Lu Fei Fei, China / Malcolm Ferris, UK / Wang Guofeng, China / Ma Han, China / Jens Heise, Germany / Sybille Hoffter, Germany / Simon Hyde, UK / Sam Jury, UK / Jenny Kao, Taiwan, USA / Sun Lei, China / Fei Liu, China / Helen Marshall, UK / Wang Peng, China / Huang Rui, China / Ji Shengli, China / Michael Wright, UK / Cang Xin,China / Miao Xiaochun, China / Xu Zong, China

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