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C5 Landscape Database API version 2.0

C5 Landscape Database API 2.0 An Open Source GIS API for Digital Elevation Model processing and performance http://www.c5corp.com/research/demtool/index.shtml

C5, in association with Futuresonic 2006, is proud to release the C5 Landscape Database 2.0 API to the public, in celebration of ten years of Futuresonic! http://www.futuresonic.com/

*New Release* C5 Landscape Database API 2.0

New Features in version 2.0:

* Virtual Hikers * Support for GPS data such as track logs and waypoints * Ability to image GPS data onto dem data * Java3d support * Ability to read land use data (CTG files) * New analytic capabilities for landscape searching

Version 1.0.3 features:

* DEM input packages * RDBMS packages for DEM data * Support for processing DEM data dynamically * Analytic table support for landscape searching * Simple GUI (demtool) for viewing DEMs * Support for data export and management

(c) C5 corporation 2002-2006, under the GNU Lesser Public License (pre-2.0 libraries) and C5/UCSD AESTHETIC USE LICENCE (2.0 libraries: see source code for details)

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