Bret Battey:
Composer and Musician

May 14, 7 PM

Speakeasy Internet Cafe Backroom
2304 2nd Ave in Seattle's Belltown

Bret Battey received a Bachelors of Music in Electronic and Computer
Music in 1990 from Oberlin Conservatory, where he focused on
interactive, algorithmic composition and music for ...

The Virtual Curator (Beardon & Worden) is an authoring environment,
currently under development, which enables the user to work within the
metaphor of the museum.

The Virtual Curator software has been the product of a collaborative
research project in the Rediffusion Simulation Research Centre at the
University of Brighton. The ...

In another context GH wrote:

…Trying to equate what artists have done in the past i.e.
self-portrait-studio-reflexivity was the current conceptual trend of the
1970's art world. Vito Acconci's several video-performances come to
mind. It really has no relevance to what's happening in the 1990's.

benjamin weil replied:

contrary ...

Come Celebrate the Premiere Issue of Sandbox Web-Zine

Featuring interactive art-work:

The Bionic Codex - by Media Artist Ebon Fisher
Reflection Site - an online ritual by performance and visual artist
Sally Resnik
Toby Victim - an innovative sound piece by Musician Timothy Cramer

Also Featuring:

The Mourning ...

Nino Rodriguez wrote:

Perhaps I'm missing something, but there seems to me a fundamental
difference between analog and digital degradation.

If I have a videotape, and I pass a magnet over it, the video signal may
no longer be "legal" as the engineers like to say, but I can probably ...

Visiter le Deleuze Web sur / Have (more than) a look to Gilles Deleuze's
Web :

C'est le site officiel de Gilles Deleuze, disparu en 1995.

This is the undisputed web site of Gilles Deleuze.

PRESENTATION de l'auteur du web:

Ce Web est en construction. D'ici a ...

by Bojana Kunst*

[This article was first published in Frakcija (N.4) April 97 (Zagreb,

Translated by Frakcija

Couple of years ago, at the sculptural biennial in Australia, the guru
of contemporary performance-art, Stelarc, presented his sculpture named
Stomach Piece. He slowly lowered the micro-camera through ...

Dear friend of computer art and multimedia!

We would like to invite you to take part in an international competition
for computer art.

Every year, the Austrian Broadcasting Corportion is organizing an
international computer and multimedia art competition - the Prix Ars
Electronica, which became very famous in the past.

One ...


The first piece documented in InfoART's CD of work that premiered at the
1995 Kwangju Biennale in Korea is called "Flora Petrinsularis," by
Jean-Louis Boissier. According to the technical notes, helpful for
coming to an understanding of what the work actually looked like, he
used a Quadra ...

in the cab on the way back down to soho from the museum of modern art,
we couldn't think of anything nice to say about diller & scofidio, whose
talk we had just seen/heard.

the work they showed seemed heartless and contrived, and thoroughly
lacking in the kind of ...

hi, i'm just starting work on my ba thesis which is centred around the
idea of the disappearing interface. by this i mean the move of immersive
technologies from without the human body to within as projected by the
cyberpunk writers in recent years (jacking in etc…). erkki huhtamo
charts ...

Recently I was able to interview Mike Storie of the NorthWest
CyberArtists. The following are excerpts from our discussion on new
media art, the Pacific Northwest and water fountains.

+ + +

* Please start by talking a little bit about NWCA, its structure,
purpose, projects.

Mike Storie: NorthWest CyberArtists (NWCA) is a Seattle ...

A virtual artist? What would an artist be like in virtual reality? For
an artist, the creation of a virtual artist is a contemporary form of
self-portraiture. The artist who gazes into a mirror and puts paint on
canvas aims to capture much more than a self-likeness. Similarly, an
artist ...

"Technophobia" has been accepted to SIGGRAPH 97.

Dooley le Cappellaine will make a presentation during the "Sitting: The
Seat for Virtual Travel" session at 10:15-Noon on Thursday, 8/7/97.

Phone and Fax (212) 966-3046


"Vision & Encounter II" is now open.

"Vision & Encounter II" is an international art-competition and an
online workshop - public art. 6000 DM total prize money. The project
started at the 12 of April 1997. There are two main-awards. At last we
are going to realize two art-works (installations ...

Today, Barbara London's essay seems refreshing [see
and "virtual artistry," RHIZOME CONTENTBASE, 4.25.97] – she places the new
media artist smack dab in the historical continuum… just like a painter.
The theme of Tech90s, it is worth mentioning, is to demystify technology.

But ...