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CFP - WiFi.ArtCache Wireless Experiments in Location and Proximity

  • Deadline:
    Oct. 1, 2004, midnight

WiFi.ArtCache is a platform for experimenting with location and proximity based digital art media. Using Macromedia Flash, Art-Technologists are able develop digital art that respond to a variety of physical and social parameters.
This is a call for contributions for art-technologists interested in contributing to the WiFi.ArtCache during its exhibition at Spectropolis October 1-4, 2004. Deadline for submissions is September 26th.

Please send submissions, questions and inquiries to wifiartcache at techkwondo dot com.

By simply coding to a provided ActionScript 2.0 API, Flash artists are able to create an interactive experience that changes based on how many people have downloaded their art object, how many people are currently interacting with their art object, or whether their art object is currently in range of the WiFi.ArtCache.

The WiFi.ArtCache is a physical object — a server containing a standard WiFi 802.11 access point. When exhibited at the Spectropolis event at New York’s City Hall Park in Lower Manhattan, the WiFi.ArtCache will contain a storehouse of art objects. Visitors to the event can download these art objects onto their 802.11 equipped laptops and experience the artists’ interpretation of location and proximity effects.

Developer documentation and downloads can be found at:

General information about the WiFi.ArtCache concept can be found at:

Additionally, the WiFi.ArtCache will contain a generic storehouse of digital ephemera that visitors can upload and download to the server. Scratchy audio, yellowed digital documents, discolored image files and spoiled emails can all be found and dropped off at the WiFi.ArtCache.

WiFi.ArtCache was developed by Julian Bleecker with support from Eyebeam Atelier. This exhibition is sponsored by the Downtown Alliance, NYCWireless, the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council and Spectropolis.

Spectropolis is curated by Wayne Ashley, Yury Gitman and Brooke Singer