My Favorite Things (1959/2009) - Oscar Hammerstein + Google

Michael Szpakowski Feb. 21 2009 12:06Reply

That's an elegant notion, Curt, and the results here are particularly fetching.
There's a touch of alchemy about the transformation of something relatively banal into something quite beautiful ( bit like what Coltrane did with the tune) and the map or maybe "painting" of the collective psyche it generates is not the least of its attractions. Plus the sense of "playing" Google like an instrument - it has that combination of control and uncertainty I recognise from my best moments as a musician, especially when improvising.
And that combination of beauty and a kind of utility, of an uncovering of pattern, of -dare I say- knowledge ( I'd always previously fought shy of works that claim to "investigate" anything) is something I'm beginning to buy into more. I actually think a careful examination of the Wikipedia events of last week will show that something a little richer than has yet been acknowledged was happening…
I think MTAA have this quality too.
It's a sort of gracefulness, a lightness, too.
It's funny how the simplest ideas often generate the richest results..I'm just so glad it isn't preceded by a statement of what it's going to do.

curt cloninger Feb. 21 2009 20:16Reply

My Favorite "My Favorite Things" (1959/1966/2009) – Richard Rogers + John Coltrane + Curt Cloninger

nathaniel stern Feb. 21 2009 13:26Reply


cynthia penfold April 10 2009 19:58Reply

love to see this again with graphics properly in place.

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