Janek Schaefer : Vacant Space

Vacant Space
installation : collaboration with Chris Watson & David Tinapple : 2006


Vacant Space is a commission by the Sonic Arts Network to create an immersive installation using sounds and images collected inside a wide variety of empty interiors. The life and space of architecture without human occupation. It embraces the context of the generic white gallery, by amplifying the void.

My current installation ‘Vacant Space’ collects 200 panoramic images and 200 location recordings of empty architectural interiors from around the world. The software controlled projection creates a continuously changing sequence of colliding places and spaces that are never the same twice. The sound reactive film scrolls past as it responds to the 3 layered random play soundtrack that you hear only by plugging headphones directly into the projection wall itself. Spaces merge into one another and reveal themselves through the ‘twitching modernist net curtains’ as I like to call the effect. you can download a short promo film about it all on the project page below…

Vacant Space is now exclusively available as a burn to order DVD - in a lovely full colour transparent DVD case only from my online audiOh! Kiosk.

[preview film .mov 10mb]

“Observing and hearing these spaces without their usual hustle and bustle is as psychologically liberating as running through the aisles of a supermarket after closing time” [The Wire]

The installation next opens at the Midlands Arts Centre in Birmingham on the 14th April.