Environment XML

Environment XML, a project by Usman Haque:

Many projects have been constructed in which objects (or webpages) respond to environmental conditions. Here we provide, instead, the environment that gets responded to: realtime environmental data from our office is released in XML format, with the hope that anyone elsewhere in the world can create objects (or webpages) that respond to the environment of the office.

Built with Processing and using the Arduino physical computing platform, Environment XML will be released as an open source project so that others may easily release the environmental conditions of their own spaces as realtime XML data. This is part of a continuing exploration into ways that open source strategies might be applied to the design and construction of space and architecture.

Why do I blog this? Close to Wil’s Psychogeographical markup language, this is interesting as a variation on the blogject theme. It’s interesting that artist are more and more focusing on how to structure environmental data that would eventually reflect the state of places.