Robot painters

(Via Laurent): Leonel Moura is an artist interested in robot painters. For instance, there is this Robotic Action Painter:

RAP is a new generation of painting robots designed for Museum or long exhibition displays. It is completely autonomous and needs very little assistance and maintenance.
RAP creates it’s own paintings based on an artificial intelligence algorithm, it decides when the work is ready and signs in the right bottom corner with its distinctive signature.
The algorithm combines initial randomness, positive feedback and a positive/negative increment of ‘color as pheromone’ mechanism based on a grid of nine RGB sensors.
Also the ’sense of rightness’ - to determine when the painting is ready - is achieved not by any linear method, time or sum, but through a kind of pattern recognition system.

te is certainly the “The Iconoclast Robot” by Leonel Moura (presented at SHIFT 2006):

Why do I blog this? autonomous activity created by robots is interesting to observe, what happens when “machines that decide what to do for themselves”? This kind of principe is used in AI (problem-solving…) and now it’s more and more common to let robots draw. Besides, the look of the iconoclast robot is superb.