Scape 2006 Biennial of Art in Public Space


/don't misbehave!/

Scape 2006 Biennial of Art in Public Space /don't misbehave!/ in New Zealand presents 4 new media based artworks:

The group SIMPEL contributes Paper Cup Telephone Network (PCTN). Do you remember stringing two cups together and talking with your friend? Well, the PCTN is the same, but imagine people around the world whose cups are all tied together, so that everyone can speak to anyone, any time, for free. The PCTN uses a combination of string and internet technologies to create a free and open communication system similar to Antonio Meucci's (the inventor of the telephone) vision for the telephone, a social network where everyone speaks to everyone. This project is by the new media art group SIMPEL. SIMPEL is Matthew Biederman (CA), Aleksandar Erkalovic (HR), Lotte Meijer (NL), and Adam Hyde (NZ). Forecourt of Christchurch Art Gallery and south quad of Arts Centre.

Auckland based media artist Sean Kerr installs Neighbourhood Watch. Neighbourhood Watch consists of a number of peering eyes which create an inquisitive neighbourhood in the central urban area of Christchurch, unsettling and interrupting the locals in the surrounding environment. These animated eyes are goggling out of windows, observing the ever-changing scenery of Christchurch's streets, and participating in public commentary. Worcester Boulevard.

Swiss artist Johannes Gees will make you see The Christchurch Menetekel. The work is a collaborative, interactive laser text installation inspired by the story of King Belshazzar/s feast, from the biblical Book of Daniel. Taking its cue from the flaming Hand of God and its mysterious warning in the story, Menetekel writes messages on walls in laser light and invites the public to text their own contributions and responses back. The artwork addresses the public's relationship with religion and its meaning in contemporary art and society. 30 Sept 7pm-12am, 1 - 4 Oct 8 pm - 12 am, Cathedral Square.

Auckland based collective et al. presents /untitled/, 2006. An installation in which multi-media components including synthesised voice and video projection and an internet feed from Google Earth are situated in a fenced and empty enclosure. Apparently integral to the GE imagery are 5 animated units which move over an area of the Middle East . The Google Earth link was first used by et al. as a component in the /fundamental practice/ Institute of Modern Art , Brisbane 2006. Christchurch Art Gallery.

A discussion panel entitled 'Beyond spectacle: media art in public space' will look at the strategies and the effect of media art practice in public space. On the panel with Susanne Jaschko are Johannes Gees, Sean Kerr and Matthew Biederman. Sunday Oct 1, 4 pm, Christchurch Art Gallery.

* Scape 2006 Biennial of Art in Public Space /don't misbehave!/ *
* Sept 30 - Nov 12, 2006 *
* Christchurch, New Zealand*

susanne jaschko
curator Scape 2006 Biennal