Carlos Katastrofsky


Two New Works

REMOTE IMPRESSIONIST ART: Remote Impressionist Art consists of a webpage with coloured squares in the center. Like a framed picture these colourfields are intended to transfer one principle of impressionism into the digital age: the emphasis on light in its changing qualities. Connected to different webcams in remote parts of the world the colours of the fields are determined by them. The automatic reload every 10 seconds lets you see always newly generated impressionist artworks. This is another free piece, accessible for everyone connected to the net.

CUMPUTER: Where is the art in the process of generating artificial images? Is it the programming of the algorithm generating the picture? Is it the algorithm "at work"? Or is it the result of this work? Is art in this context defined by the artist's choice for one or more of the results or by the interaction between the artist and the machine? All those conditions are possibilites to define the art in generated pictures. Are they art? [from netbehaviour]