Artists of the Future?

Artificial life has long held our collective imagination captive, and the robot, one of its main emissaries, has been envisioned in a seemingly endless array of forms--from agent of evil to helpful hand around the house (of the future). Nonetheless, the robot's utility seems yet to be fully exercised, or even, approximated. ArtBots, a roving exhibition organized by Douglas Repetto and a changing group of co-curators, bridges art and robotic possibility. Gesturing to the breadth of robotic forms, Artbots casts a wide net, accepting 'robotic art or art made by robots,' and clarifying 'if you think it's a robot and you think it's art, we encourage you to submit.' Opening November 9th and running through the 12th at Location One, the NYC regional exhibition presents works by eight artists/ collectives. A visit to the gallery will provide you with the chance to commune with Jason Van Anden's tender, child-like Niel and Iona; to get rich fast with Jonah Brucker-Cohen's IPO Madness, a slot machine that generates catchy IPOS perfect for the emerging Internet entrepeneur; or to tune in to the groaning of Ranjit Bhatnagar's hovering, self-programmed accordion Misericordiam, amongst other kinds of engagements. See how work made by humans holds up against this wide range shapes, sounds, and algorithmic possibilities. - Lauren Cornell