New Reviews/Interviews at Oct/Nov 2006.
marc garrett:

New Reviews/Interviews at Oct/Nov 2006.

Welcome to Furtherfield's current collection of reviews and interviews. Please find time to read all of the writings, they are in no particular order. After reading, do explore all the networked behaviour generously written and thought about, in context.

-Boredom Research: Interviewed by Aaron Steed.
-PHONETHICA: Reviewed by Franz Thalmair.
-Alex Dragulescu - Blogbot: Review by María Victoria Guglietti.
-VISP Project - MACHFELD: Interview by Julian Bleecker.
-The Lost Biology of Silent Hill_: FurtherCritic Article by [[Mez]]
-disturb.the.peace [angry women]: Review by Eliza Fernbach.
-2nd Upgrade Meeting at Oklahoma City: Review by Luis Silva.
-Jason Nelson - Vholoce: Review by John Hopkins.