audio artists/musicians call for work - vague terrain 04: the body digital

Greg Smith:

call for audio artists/musicians - vague terrain 04: the body digital


In his 1964 text "Understanding Media" media theorist & future-caster Marshall McLuhan stated that electricity was an extension of the nervous system. The next issue of Vague Terrain is dedicated to continuing this line of thought and exploring both the interface and friction between contemporary digital technology and the body. Vague Terrain 04: the body digital will serve as a catalog of new conceptions of the intersection between the physical and digital realms, one in which the body is read as a dataset, instrument, and host to new economies and discourses.

The Call:'s fourth issue will be entitled "the body digital" and we are currently seeking the work of audio artists and musicians whose work deals with the interface between the body and contemporary technology to showcase in this issue. Vague Terrain 04: the body digital will be published online in early September 2006 so work would need to be submitted by mid August. Vague Terrain audio submissions generally consist of 30-40 minutes of original sound/music which is distributed through our publication via an author sanctioned creative commons license.

Please see for more information about the scope of our publication.

If you are interested in contacting us regarding submitting audio work to this issue, or have any questions please contact us via

Thanks for your time!

Greg Smith & Neil Wiernik editors/curators