Cell Phone Disco

Cell Phone Disco is an experimental installation, made of flashing cells, that allows gallery visitors to experience the invisible body of the mobile phone.


The cells consist of one or more LEDs, battery and a sensor that detects electromagnetic radiation transmitted by mobile phones. When the sensor detects EM waves it sets off the LEDs to flash for a couple of seconds.


Cell Phone Disco has two parts:

Mobile Aura: Flashing cells with sensors of higher sensitivity detect EM radiation of active mobile phone in a range of approximately a meter. A sort of aura appears then around the phone, revealing a part of its invisible body.

While the user moves around talking on his/her phone, this aura follows the conversation as a light shadow through the space.

Mobile Drawing: Less sensitive cells create a canvas for an inkless marker. The LEDs get activated by an extreme proximity of the EM source. Moving the phone close to the cells leaves a trace of light, an electromagnetic drawing.


The installation premiered at the Lamball Bakra exhibition at the Showroom MAMA in Rotterdam.

By Ursula Lavrencic and Auke Touwslager.

Via Informationlab.