World Wide Waves of Cyberfeminism(s)

If it's true that the internet has experienced periods of transition and redefinition, moving from private to public, slow to fast, local to global, and so on, it can also be said that feminism has experienced similar shifts. Historians already refer to different 'waves' of feminism, and those undulations in audiences and attitudes have not been blind to advances in technology. The online archive entitled 'function:feminism' outlines the many important art works, public events, and essays produced from 1991 to the present. A scrolling timeline provides an abundance of valuable links that create a context for considering thoughts about gender, race, identity, embodiment, networks, and technology, and the way in which the ebbs flows of these theories and experiences developed simultaneously or influenced each other over time and internationally. One could spend a long time 'surfing' the waves referenced here. - Angela Moreno