A Neurocapital Service

Acclair--by Luther Thie and Eyal Fried--is a security and neuromarketing service that points to a new form of discrimination: Acclairism, a discrimination based on the individual's bio-data and membership in an "acclaired" elite. Through Acclair, a company providing brain-testing services as part of an exclusive security clearance for air-travelers, we explore a situation wherein people freely accept a highly invasive, highly authoritative manipulation in return for financial, tangible rewards and an upgraded social status. We illustrate the financial and social benefits of such a system through its Neurocapital and Amnesty programs that offer alternatives to racial profiling.

Acclairian / Ac-clair-i-an Pronunciation: ukle ree en *adjective (of service): Biometrically-evaluated; one whose social status reflects his bio-data appraisal, requiring complete subservience to a biometric system and corporate values in return for financial and social rewards. *noun: a person advocating such a system. DERIVATIVES: *noun: acclairism Pronunciation: ukler izum.

Let us assume that the state of crisis emerging today calling for invasive security systems, is here to stay, and the linking of brain, computer and data history is inevitable - how can we be protected from abuse that impairs or destroys our reputation, credit or worse? More importantly, do we want to be protected from it? If the terms are right, could we grow to like it? We use the contemporary airport setting as a relevant stage to manifest our system in. However, we endeavor to import the concept as well as the system to everyday, urban spaces, wherein the Acclair service can be as common and accessible as pulling money out of the ATM or taking a photo in an instant photo booth.

Part of Edgy Products at ISEA2006