video games and narrative?

Artcade Tomorrow, a new kind of art exhibition is going to open in Toronto: Artcade.  This will mark the culmination of years of activisim on the part of people like Toby Grindley (owner of Microplay) and 12 other Greater Toronto artists.  Together, this group has strived to represent video games as not "inferior to film and literature."  The arts on show is inspired by the world of video games.  Objects like the "1 UP" mushroom in Super Mario Brothers that spits spores and lights up are said to be the main attractions.  While Grindley and the other artists agree that video games have not been around as long as other art (their examples are "literature" and film) they still have "credibility" in their own way.  While those involved with this exhibition (taking place at Grindley's store in Toronto) maintain, on the one hand, that video games offer a new kind of window on the art world, while on the other hand explain that games are just "a different way to experience a story." So, in this realm, narrative still plays an important part.  While E.A. asked "can computers make you cry," this lot explain that "good video games tell a story, just like movies and books."  The problem with the industry is that it is driven by profit-making (monetizing) and thus is "less creative at storytelling and more driven by profit."  I wonder now if the question changes from choosing between interaction or immersion to story or money?

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