Arch-OS constructs a virtual architecture from the activities that take place within the Portland Square Development (Plymouth, UK). This "software for buildings" has been developed to manifest the life of a building and provide artists, engineers and scientists with a tool for developing transdisciplinary work and public art.

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Embedded technologies capture audio-visual and raw digital data from the building through:
• the ‘Building Energy Management System (BEMS);
• computer and communications networks;
• the flow of people and social interactions;
• ambient noise levels.

This data is then manipulated (using computer simulation, visualisation and audio technologies) and replayed through projection systems incorporated into the architecture and broadcast using streaming internet technologies.

Developed by the Institute of Digital Art & Technology.

Via Interactive Architecture (just discovered this brilliant source of information, though if the author could give credit to the blogs nad websites where he find his stories, it would be cool.)