Xavier Malbreil


Member Since October 25, 2002

Website: www.0m1.com

Our bio

Xavier Malbreil works in south of France.
He teachs in Toulouse’s university for Master Multimédia, but he also searchs new job. He writes in a very classical way novels (for adults and children) or short stories (porno, just for adults). He also performs net art like the « Book of the Dead »,(www.livresdesmorts.com) very often shown in international festivals, Universities, art centers, etc.
He works as a criticist and a theoretetician (for the Montreal CIAC's Electronic Magazine , on http://www.ciac.ca/magazine/).
He wrote a theater piece about a sticker which carry attention on you, "The attentionometer" , see on http://www.0m1.com/Atten/Attentionnometre.doc
His works are readeable on www.0m1.com

Gerard Dalmon, for the setting in scene.
Gerard Dalmon born in Paris, works and lives in New York.
Co-founder of Neotu.
Member of e-critures.org
Strong interest in Architecture and Design.