Tomasz Konart
Since the beginning
Works in Toronto Canada

Tomasz Konart

Primary school years:
Exploring industrial outskirts of Warsaw, Poland. Field trips to scrapyards and construction sites.

Film Academy in Łódź, Poland:
Studies in video art, performance art and counter-culture. Participation in independent art movements as artist and organizer.

Ryerson University in Toronto, Canada:
New media studies.

Art practice:
Photographic arts (conceptual approach).
Interpersonal explorations. Co-founder of Zespół T, a group devoted to studies in alternative communication methods.
Artist's books.
Intermedia work.
Web projects.
Individual and group shows in Poland, Sweden, France, UK, Netherlands, Dannemark, Germany, Canada, US, Turkey...
Born in Warsaw. Has lived in Warsaw, Łódź, Toronto, Berlin...