Stephan Knuesel

Member Since March 29, 2004


Swiss multimedia designer and programmer based in New York City.

Screenbased as well as installation work.

Newspace Gallery Portland, OR 2004 [Project name : 'hover'] Hover is a musical instrument created by Jimmy Chung, Daniel Shiffman and Stephan Knuesel.

Digital Expressions - Interactive Art at Gallapagos Gallery in New York City. I participated together with Orrawadee Vilaitanarak with THE OTHER SELF. Group exibition with Orrawadee Vilaitanarak Przemyslaw Moskal, Edward Tang, Daniel Shiffman, Kanae Ito, James Clar.

EUROPA SHOW (Interactive Art) This event took place on Saturday, March 29th at 7:30 pm during Art Nights organized by New York Dance & Arts Innovations at Europa Club.

Worked since 1996 also as Cinematographer for Film and TV: